Bill Gates said: "If I were down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR."  According to Forbes, 33% of the 80 million USA millennials read blogs to make their buying decisions and this percentage is rapidly climbing. Editorial content is trusted by consumers where advertisements are often ignored. Publicity, influencer marketing and social media are well positioned to drive consumers of all ages to a company website, increasing brand awareness and potentially converting into sales. When done properly this becomes a potent ongoing sales and marketing tool.


An influencer and broad media campaign is a very appealing and cost effective program focusing on strong media posts and placements. With our established relationships these results surpass all others with endorsements and editorials that last forever and regularly drive consumers to a brand and its website.





Lipton Publicity Inc., established in 1998, specializes in lifestyle categories and can help cost-effectively manage today's new world of marketing with unequalled results.

LP has a long history and proficiency with regard to traditional media as well as a keen understanding of the new media opportunities. Shelley Lipton, the company's founder, along with her savvy associates, use their incomparable media connections and profound market knowledge to bring products to the public eye. Ms. Lipton, with both a retail and wholesale background, understands all aspects of a client's business, which is unique and advantageous. With expertise in the fashion, accessories, beauty/wellness and active/fitness industries as a retailer, marketer and publicist for more than twenty years, there is no one and no company more qualified to efficiently and effectively market a brand via meaningful media.


About us

LP produces unparalleled editorial results (consumer and trade publications in print and online, broadcast, and social influener collaborations) for its clients and exemplary media events. Outsourcing PR efforts to LP has enabled its clients to receive millions of dollars worth of publicity recognition that ultimately enhances brand awareness and product interest which enhances sales. Having a specialist with strong industry relationships and know-how makes a big difference along with the enthusiasm, focus and personal service that only a small firm can provide.


LP has an unmatched social media review success rate, receiving up to a 99% return in reviews and posts for sampling/pitch campaigns. LP works regularly with approximately 1000+ company-vetted bloggers, influencers, and online-journalists, in addition to several hundred editors and producers from other media. LP's proprietary blogger and influencer network has a high aesthetic with engaging and relevant content. Each is highly professional, well followed, has impressive stats and does not require a fee.


Recent campaigns received a range of 5 million to 20 million impressions for a single outreach to a precisely targeted group of  both female and male bloggers and influencers from our database. This number does not include sponsored
influencers, or broadcast and print placements, which if included, exponentially increase these numbers.